What adhesive is used to attach tree and plant identification signs to a stake?

We offer two options for attaching tags and signs to stakes, a permanent attachment, and a removable attachment.

Removable Option

For private gardens where there is low traffic from the public and for locations where you are not concerned about theft of your tags and signs, we offer a 3M™ product called Dual-Lock. It is a very strong plastic velcro product that has been designed for outdoor use. Tracy and I use this exclusively at our house and it is great.

Permanent Option

The permanent adhesive used to attach Plants Map Tags and Signs to the metal stakes is an outdoor double-sided tape made by 3M™ and it is called VHB. It is designed to be used for exterior use and extreme conditions.

The VHB material is insanely strong. If it is properly used to attach the signs and tags to stakes, then it's practically impossible to separate them without using extreme heat to melt the tape.

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