How long does it take to order tags?

The moment you press 'Submit Order' on your My Tags page, we get to work on your proofs. We normally make proofs late in the evening the day you submit an order and you should look for them in your email within two days.

Once the proof is approved, we normally print and ship the following day.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail and we also use FedEx ground to some commercial addresses. Most deliveries are within 3-4 days.

So once the order proof is approved turnaround time until you have the tags or signs is roughly a week.

From our experience, the longest part of the process is the proofing process.

Proofs of tags and signs to be printed are made with the information on your My Tags order.

Once you receive your proof, you can then make further edits if needed using the proofs and we will continue to work with you on edits to the proof until you approve them.

We normally make proofs each evening. We print on Tuesday - Friday.

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