Can the branch tag be used with tree mounting hardware?

tag branch ski tag
We do not suggest using the tree mounting hardware with our smaller branch tags that have a pre-drilled hole on the side. Our branch tags were designed to be used on shrubs or smaller, young trees to hang from a branch with our ski tag attachment. If you use the tree hardware with a tag, in order to keep the tag horizontal, you would need to tightly compress the spring creating too much tension. This defeats the purpose of having the spring in the tree mounting hardware. See the image below for an example.
Tag tree mount

In this photo, the spring is too tightly compressed.

The spring should only have a slight amount of tension to allow for tree growth without damaging the sign or the bark of the tree. It is important that as the tree grows and the spring compresses that you check on the mounting and back out the screw as needed to give some space in the spring compression.

Sign Spring Tree Hardware

In this photo, there is barely any tension in the spring to allow for tree growth.

If you did want to use the smaller tags with the tree mount hardware, consider buying tags without the pre-drilled holes on the left and drill your own hole in the top center. If you do this, just pick an appropriate template that will allow for placement of the hole where you want and where it will not be located in the image or text area. If you have someone with a drill press, it would be an easy job.

Tag Hole Sign Hole
Personally, I think that if the tree is large and mature enough for mounting hardware, the larger signs look better and are easier to see and read and I’d pick a sign over a tag.
The signs with the hole in the top center stay horizontal simply due to gravity without the need to compress the spring. For more info See How To Attach plant ID to a Mature Tree.
Again, the tree mounting hardware is only suggested for older, mature trees that have a slow growth rate. You will need to check them and back out the screws from time to time. Here in Virginia, we remember to check our trees at the time change each Spring. (Get it? ‘Spring Forward’ and set your clocks up an hour and then go check your tree mounted signs!)
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