Interactive QR Code plant tags & signs

Plants Map is no longer manufacturing interactive tags and signs but you can use your My Tags page to organize an order to print at any company who manufactures tags and signs.

We will be building a list of companies that we learn about who can make high quality signs and keeping that list updated below.

We are recommending first because over the years, Plants Map has used them ourselves and we’ve referred larger custom orders to them and their work is excellent and as a family owned business, their customer service is excellent.

To organize an order to send to Lark Label or any other company, click on your My Plants Map library link at the top of the site. You’ll need to use a full size browser to access the My Tags link in the top center of the page.

On this page, you can click the Add button on the top right and you can find the plant pages that need a sign and add them to the My Tags page list. Once you have your plants on the page, you can use the menu drop-down buttons across the top to select what you’d like on each line of your signs. If you have that data on your plant pages, the text on the line will fill in automatically. You can always just type in the fields on the right as well.

At any time, you can Save the page and come back later. You can also export the Excel file of your order using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

When you are finished, click Save and then export the Excel file and send to the printer.

If you have ordered from Plants Map in the past and would like your custom designed logo or the files we’ve printed in the past, send us an email at with your profile name or the profile email address so we can look up the account and we will share a folder with you so that you can send those files to a printer if needed for future orders.

Who prints Plants Map Tags and Signs? is a premier printer of horticultural signs and tags and we have worked with them so that they know how to link QR Codes to plant pages on Plants Map. They do very good work. Over the years we’ve used them ourselves and have often referred larger custom printing jobs their way. Visit to see a wide variety of horticultural sign products they offer, everything from simple aluminum tags to displays for garden locations and significant collections in urban landscapes and public gardens.

Why isn’t Plants Map printing signs and tags anymore?

We really enjoyed printing plant tags and signs and we especially enjoyed the relationships we built with our users through this process over the past 7 years. Unfortunately the cost of aluminum and labor rose faster than our order flow and we couldn’t justify the expense without raising our rates to what commercial printers charge. Although we printed tags and signs because at the time we started the website we couldn’t find anyone who provided this service but today many companies can print QR Codes and make high quality produces and so we’ve decided to focus again on building great software so that you can document your plant information and share it with your visitors and we’ll be referring the printing business to other companies who are focused on manufacturing.

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