Can you use your logo or change the tag and sign templates?

When Plants Map was a new site a lot of users wanted to use their logo instead of the Plants Map logo. Now that Plants Map signs and tags are in gardens all over the world, most users keep the Plants Map logo on their tags and signs.

The Plants Map logo on tags and signs is our primary form of marketing and the main reason why we keep the cost low.

Our My Tags ordering system also uses pre-formatted templates to make the ordering process affordable and easy for everyone. 

We do not charge set-up fees when you choose to use one of our default tag or sign templates but some users still want to use their own logo on a custom template. For that, we charge a $500 customization fee.

The fee is really to remove our logo and marketing and it is a one-time charge. We will create the custom template and save it for your future orders.

We encourage the use of the Plants Map logo on tags and signs because it helps communicate to your visitors that they will be landing on a website that is a trusted network of plant collections, landscapes, and profiles.

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