How to keep track of the tags and signs you've ordered

Once we have completed your plant tag order there are two ways that we mark the plants to help remind you that you have previously ordered a tag or sign for that plant.

1. When you view your plant pages now there will be a small QR code icon within the cover photo portion of the plant page. It does not matter if you added a photo or not, the QR code icon is still placed within the cover photo portion of the plant page form. Here are two examples:

Mistletoe Fig by Belle Isle’s Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

QR Code icon indicating a plant tag without a plant photo added to the story

2.  The second way we keep track of plants with plant tags is on your list view of your plants. When you see a green box under the Tag column this indicates a tag or sign has been previously ordered. If you see +Tag this means a tag or sign has not been previously ordered. If you click +Tag this will move it to your My Tags order page.

Note: To re-order a tag or sign that already has the green square, simply open the plant page and choose TAG+ from the top of the plant page.

Another final to keep track of your plant tag orders is to save the spreadsheet or the final pdf proof of plant tags that you receive during the order process from us via email.

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