Development updates

December 2021

Plants Map is no longer manufacturing tags and signs. Here are the instructions for having tags and signs made for your plant pages along with a list of vendors who can meet your printing needs:

December 2019 

  • My Tags order page now allows for ordering only stakes or tree hardware without placing and order for tags/signs. All customers must now sign in to create a My Plants Map account to order tags, signs, as well as stakes and tree hardware.  
  • Implemented static Sign-in ( and Sign-up ( links as an alternative to popup windows that allows users to bookmark these pages.

November 2019

  • Notification created for users upon upgrading an individual or organization profile.
  • Show count of plants on personal My Plant Finder filters.
  • Sort by date or name added to collection > subcollections. 
  • Bug fix to map tab on collections not centering correctly.
  • Added Joined date for Individual profiles.
  • Added new categories to plant details tab: cycad and palm.
  • Added sort feature to subcollections. 
  • Added a 'learn more' marketing banner to the top of the page for visitors. Authenticated users will not see this banner.  
  • Updated stakes and hardware ordering process.

September 2019

  • Community Map Update: We are very excited to announce that our community map page has been updated with new search filters and near me results.
  • These enhanced search tools will make it easier for you to connect with more plants, collections and especially public landscapes to visit.
  • This is the second in a series of enhancements to our mapping tools.
  • The next enhancement in the coming month will be the ability to turn a collection into a virtual tour. Learn more about our subscription tiers and features.

August 2019

  • Launch of Near Me filter for the site-wide Plant Finder and profile-specific My Plant Finder to create a map view option of results.
  • Enhancements to map views including new map pin components.
  • Add new user prompts to follow other profiles to enhance their home page news feed results.

July 2019

Development update included 22 bug fixes and a total of 10 enhancements.

June 2019

  • My Plant Finder – new profile plant finder search tool option for premium subscription tier profile.
  • Notifications – enhancements to comment notification communication via email option. In addition to bell icon notifications, users will get email notifications to review comments on a plant or on a newsfeed post.

May 2019

  • New Pricing Page – replaced the previous pricing page.
  • New Subscription Tiers –  this will allow users to choose different subscriptions according to their needs.
  • Pricing Page and Subscription Tiers – each tier will be explained on the pricing page with the integration of an online payment portal to subscribe to a chosen tier.
  • Automated Subscription Tier Payments – integration of an online payment method to subscribe to a tier. Payment tier options will appear on the pricing page and within the edit mode of a profile page.
  • Profile Subscription Tiers – a profile can view and manage their current subscription tier within edit mode of their profile by clicking on the ‘subscription tier’ section.
  • New tasks completed – 2. Enhancements – 4. Bug fixes – 12.

April 2019

  • Buy It Plants: Enhanced process of Buy It plants management including import function by administrators.
  • Core Plant Filter: A core plant filter was added to the purpose filters for the Plant Finder tool to help users find these pre-filled plants to add to their own My Plants Map library.
  • Core Plants: Community plants with photos and matching botanical name added as a visual reference to core plant pages.
  • Core Plants: Reference links added to core plant pages for imports from verified sources.
  • Core Plants: ‘Add to My Plants Map’ process simplified for users to adopt core plants and build a library more quickly. Adopted core plants will automatically be saved directly into the users My Plants Map library with one step. Plants can be later edited by the user to add photos, a unique story, owner information, map information, etc. This makes the process of creating a plant list faster for the user, especially for the purpose of beginning a tag order.  
  • Adding Plants: Adding plants will change from a two page/two-step process to a one page design showing the entire plant form from the start with all tabs visible. 
  • Organization Profile Page Design: Add New buttons were added to each profile section and the view more button relocated below each section. 
  • Overall – 29 bugs were fixed and 5 new enhancements were made.

March 2019

  • Entire website migration into a new platform to support new features, enhancements, development, functionality. Completed December 2019.
  • Enhanced sign-in process for individuals and organizations. Completed January 2019.
  • Migration bug fixes – ongoing.
  • Organization profile edit page – Enhancements to this page include the addition of help article hints, new sections for settings, subscriptions, products and services, and support help. 
  • Automation of payments and services – Integration with an online payment system to upgrade profiles to premium service tiers (Resources) and to add on paid features including Buy It plants for the plants to buy Plant Finder results.
  • Redesign of Buy It plants – Plant profile pages were redesigned to include icon indicators on thumbnail photos, a customizable buy it buttons with direct link options and a toggle switch for on/off control.
  • Management of Buy It plants – Automated integration of this service allows the profile to manage a list view of "Buy It" plants with controls to turn the service on and off by each plant page.
  • Overall – 42 bugs were fixed, 9 enhancements were made, 6 new features were added, and 4 function tasks completed. 
  • We are in the process of improving website design as we continue to build new features and enhancements.

August 2018

  • Plant Finder Search: In August we will launch a new search tool called the Plant Finder. This tool will be available to anyone that visits the site or is a user of the site to enhance their ability to search for plants within our community. The Plant Finder will be a search tool to discover plants of specific interest, location and those with the best and most complete content information. Learn More:
  • Core Plant Profiles: With the plant finder tool we will also be introducing ‘Core Plants’ that users can add to their own profiles with basic growing details provided. We have had numerous requests for this feature and we are happy to announce that it will soon be available. Learn More:
  • Organization Profiles – ‘Public Landscape’ check-box added for inclusion in the plant finder ‘plants to visit’ purpose filter.

June 2017

  • New and improved news feed with larger photos accompanying posts and redesign of the feed:  (Learn how to post news).  
  • Improved sign-up process with only two options as users proceed with the next steps: use Plantsmap for your own plants (continue to My Profile) or use Plantsmap for an organization (begin an organization profile).
  • Improvements to mapping tools with appropriate zoom levels for plants and collections in edit mode and view mode.

May 2017

  • New user ‘stats’ summary on individual and organization profiles showing number of plants, collections, network connections, followers, and following. All stats are clickable shortcut links.  

  • New user ability to Post News from their profile page at the top of their ‘News’ section. Functionality was previously only on the Home page. This news will post to their profile page, the Explore page and the Home page of others that follow or connect with them.
  • My Tags ordering process improvements, bug fixes and form updates with new pricing and product options.
  • Improvements to the edit functionality of individual and organization profiles including the ability to delete profile photos and photo size hints now provided:
    • profile icon photo: 900 X 900
    • organization background cover photo: 1538 x 535
  • Improvements to the plant forms including:
    • A new and refreshed look to the design of the plant tabs making them more visible to the users and visitors in both edit and saved view.
    • New help ‘hint’ when user is adding a new plant to explain how to add a plant and enter more details in the tabs and fields available, especially as they relate to order tags.
    • New visiblity of all current custom plant tabs available via a new tab dropdown box with links to more information. Learn more:
    • Plant pinned map location can now be seen while in edit mode (previously could only be seen in saved view mode).  
    • Improved visibility of the map feature on mobile devices.
    • Attracts Birds was added.   

Backward navigation issues fixed so that a user will return ‘back’ to the immediate page and not back to the beginning of a section or series of pages.  Back actually means back to the previous page now and not back to the beginning.April 2017

May 2016 (Release 34)

March 29, 2016 (Release 30)

  • Events tool launched. Organizations now have the ability to create an event page. The event will be seen within a new section on their profile page for Events. View more on this section will open a searchable page for their events by month.
  • The events section on the Explore page is launched. Event pages will be promoted to this section of the explore page. View more of this section will show events by month with search tool by title, state, category, keyword, and location.
  • All organization profiles now have the enhanced appearance of the new resource profiles. This change was made to have a more distinguishable appearance between individual profiles and organization profiles. Resource profiles will be distinguished by upgraded features and inclusion in the Resources section of the website.

February 19, 2016 (Release 27)

  • Resources section launched on the Explore page.
  • My Tags – Continued improvements to the My Tags feature.
  • Tab Manager – Continued development and testing of the customized plant tab library.

February 16, 2016 (Release 26)

  • My Tags – Continued improvements to the My Tags feature.
  • Tab Manager – Continued development and testing of the customized plant tab library.
  • Improvements to social sharing tools and sharing of page content for plants, collections, profiles.

January 18, 2016 (Release 25)

My Tags – Tag ordering tool is launched within the My Plants Map page. Live testing and continued development based on feedback. Users can now select from their online plant library to make a list of tags and signs to order. Step by step instructions will be posted in the Help section.

Tab Manager – Continued development and testing of the customized plant tab library. These will include fields that are specific to a genus or category of plants. Examples are Iris Details, Rose Details, etc. These tabs will be built as needs from users are made known.

Continued work on the reported bugs and user enhancements.

Plant Edit Form Changes:

  • Growing Details includes soil preferences, water requirements, flowering period corrected fields
  • Photos tab > continued improvements, especially on tablet and phone screens.

January 4, 2016 (Release 24)

Testing of Self Service Sign and Tag Order Process (My Tags) – This will make the ability to order tags and signs faster and easier. Orders will be placed within their My Plants Map page withing a new My Tags section.

Testing of Plant Customized Tabs (Tab Manager) – Users will be able to select from a library of customized tabs for plant pages.

PDF Download – Custom Plant ‘Bench Card’ Signs to transition to an optional paid feature. A user can select a plant from their plant library and choose one of several pdf Bench Card templates to download with a photo, plant information and qr code to their plant on Plants Map.

The website footer now includes new Plants Map social icon badge.

Map page image updated and replaced on the home landing page.

Continued improvements to UI for Collections and Subcollections.

December 2015 (Release 23)

Plant Profiles: More than 30 changes and improvements have been made to the plant profile pages. Those changes include improvements in viewing the profiles as well as when editing the profiles. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Improvements to the sharing functionality of a plant profile page and to the sharing toolbar.
  • Improvements to the design and layout of user actions and options.
  • The plant story has an improved formatting toolbar.
  • Created by an updated on have been added to the main plant story.
  • The collection location will now show in top main plant story section.
  • New comment tab added. Plant tabs are now: photos, plant details, growing details, notes, comments.
  • Photos tab improvements including larger photos and the ability to select photos to edit captions and change other settings.
  • Plant details section: dates for when a plant is acquired and planted can be entered with a YYYY/MM/DD format (example 1985/04/12).
  • Growing details section: the growing preference fields have been moved to the top.
  • Average height & width can be expressed in ranges now such as 3 – 4 feet tall.
  • Flowering period now has choices by month.
  • Soil preferences added: Well Drained, Moist, Dry, Wet
  • New Water Requirements: Low, Medium, High
  • USDA Hardiness Zones can now be selected and a zone find link has been added.

Search: Improved results when searching for plants with higher rank given to plants with a photo, botanical name or common name associated, and some story details provided.

December 2016 (Release 18)

Como_CollectionViewCollections and Subcollections:A new and improved layout has been implemented for the Collection and Subcollection pages. These pages will now follow a similar look to that of the plant form pages using tabs to navigate the sections. These changes make the pages more visually appealing, functional, and allow for more plants to be seen per screen.

  • The Collections page tabs are photos, plants, subcollections, and map.
  • The Subcollection page tabs are photos, plants, map.

Plant List Views: The ability to switch between viewing plants in a photo grid or a list view has been additionally implemented in Collection views as well as when viewing others plants or Collections. Look for the photo grid or list view icon on the following pages:


November 1, 2015 (Release 15)

  • Sign-up/Sign-in Improvements: New sign-up procedure where once the user has signed up they will be routed to edit their individual profile page first. Once they choose Save they will see a pop-up window with options to Follow Others, Add Plants or Create an Organization.
  • Sign up/Sign in Page: There is now a stand-alone page for Sign-up and Sign-in at
  • Profile Strength: All users will be shown their profile strength visible to them only. Along with the strength, they will also be shown actions and points on how they can further increase their profile. The same metrics apply to both individual & organization profiles.
  • Icon Consistency: We have made changes to the icons on the overall site for consistency. Icons have been updated for new Individual Profiles, Organization Profiles, Plants, Collections. Icons have also been updated for the page sections of Plants, Collections, Community & Network.  The icon on a plant to represent a tag or sign has been ordered has also be updated to a QR code icon.
  • Organization Connections: An organization profile can take the action of Connecting to another organization profile. This role can only be approved as a Connection and will not have owner or admin abilities to edit or add content.
  • Manage Network (Organization Profiles): Owners and Admins will see themselves in the Manage Network list.
  • Map & Location Fields: Users will be able to enter location information for a Plant, Collection, Organization or Profile by choosing any of the following: Enter Address, Enter Lat-Long data, or Find My Location.
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