How much does Plants Map cost? is a website community that hosts botanical collections with customized tools that solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants.

The easy to learn My Plants Map tools have wide appeal among a diversity of users from those that manage public landscapes to avid plant collectors, professionals, community groups, weekend gardeners and more. Our interactive plant tags our a feature of our My Plants Map tools and a profile is required to order tags or sign. Learn more about our interactive plant tags and signs

  • Visitor Access: Visitor access will remain free with no sign-in or subscription required.

Subscription Tiers

  • Basic Profiles (free): The basic profiles will allow for a free individual or organization profile with limited use of the My Plants Map tools. Basic tier subscriptions will have a hosting limit of 24 plants and 4 collections.
  • Plus Tier ($49/year): Enhanced features include unlimited plant and collection hosting, my plant finder search, access to core plants, discounts on tag and sign orders. Available to individual profiles and organization profiles.
  • Premium Tier ($79/year): Advanced mapping, analytics, and networking features coming soon. Available to individual profiles and organization profiles.
  • Resource Tier ($99/year): Exclusively available to organization profiles. Our Resource section is built to help visitors and community members find business, brands, plant vendors, and service providers. Access to additional paid features such as Buy It plants and product listings. Learn more about Resource profiles

How do I begin?

Create a sign-in to add an individual profile. From that point you can create your own personal plant library or add an organization profile. You will be able upgrade your subscription level within your profile settings. Sign Up and Getting Started Help


  • Should I use an individual profile or an organization profile? When you first sign-in you must register with an individual profile. Individual profiles are recommended if you are a home gardener, personal plant collectors, etc. You must first have an individual profile to add an organization profile or to admin an organization profile. Organization profiles were intended for public landscapes, membership organizations, etc.  Learn more about individual profiles and organization profiles
  • What is the difference between profiles and subscription tiers? There are only two types of profiles on Plants Map: individual and organization. Both are free at the basic tier level. There are three paid tiers with enhanced levels of features: Plus, Premium, and Resource. You must be an organization to have access to the resource tier. Learn more about individual profiles and organization profiles.
  • How do I upgrade to a paid subscription tier? Upgrades are available within your individual or organization profile settings. Payments must be online via the payment tool using a credit card. Your access will begin once payment is processed. Learn More
  • What are the My Plants Map tools? The My Plants Map tools solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants. Learn more about My Plants Map
  • Can I pay on a monthly basis? We do not offer monthly billing. All plans are paid on an annual subscription basis. You can change your subscription choice at any time. Learn More
  • How do I order interactive plant tags and signs? The purpose of is to host plant collections. Ordering interactive plant tags is an option within our suite of My Plants Map tools. The steps are to make a sign-in, choose to use the individual profile or add an organization profile, create your plant library, and then order your interactive tags and signs. Basic level subscriptions are limited to 24 plants & 4 collections. Plus and higher subscriptions have unlimited plants and collections. Learn more about our interactive plant tags and signs
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