Plant databases and scientific resources for gardeners

Plants Map is not a scientific plant database, encyclopedia of plants, or plant identification tool. Our goal is to allow individuals and organizations to make their own unique garden journal of plants. Plants Map is about documenting your plant stories, notes, observations, experiences, and photos of your plants, gardens, and gardening interests or activities.

Each plant profile page allows you to add your own favorite reference links in the story or the plant details tab. Some of these references may include sources such as: USDA Plants, Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder, NPIN Native Plant Database, American Conifer Society database, Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets, etc.

It is recommended to reference these other sources to verify the plant name and identification.

Below is a list of plant databases and resources you may find useful in documenting your plants

Plant Specific or Plant Society Databases

Many plant societies have their own websites with a database of plants or registered named plants from members. Here are just a few:

[Published August 2014. Updated July 2018]

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