Three Tips for Public Landscapes on Plants Map

If you are a public landscape on Plants Map we wanted to share three tips on how to be seen in our new interactive to visit and near me plant finder results.

  1. To Visit Tip: Make sure your organization profile setting as a public landscape is on. This setting is only available to organization profiles to allow them to be featured in the plant finder To Visit search results. 
  2. Near Me Tip: Plants that have a publicly visible map pin will be seen in these results. Make sure the plants are pinned and set to public visibility. 
  3. Descriptive Story Tip: The plant finder can find plants by descriptive phrases or keywords used in a plant story. Descriptions that include keywords such as ‘fall foliage’ or ‘spring flowers’ will find plants using those terms in their story. 
  4. Bonus Tip: The more complete the plant details and growing details fields, the more likely that plant will come up in filtered search results as well. Attracts bees, tolerates deer, or native to North America are a few examples. 

What is the difference between To Visit and Near Me?

To Visit: This filter is a result of a public landscape setting that is only available on organization profiles. It is up to the organization to decide if they want to be seen in the to visit filter by choosing to turn on the setting that they are public landscape. Their plants will also need to be map pinned with the public visibility option.  

Near Me: This filter is a result of any plant that has been map pinned as publicly visible. These plants may not occur at a designated public landscape, but rather at other accessible landscapes such as a church, school campus, golf course, or even a personal collection. 

When selected together, the To Visit + Near Me filters will result in plants at public landscapes to visit near a location determined in the plant finder search.

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