Changes to Plants Map Tag and Sign Ordering

Changes to Plants Map Tag and Sign Ordering [November 29, 2021]

Since 2014 we have enjoyed printing your tags and signs in our office here in Virginia. We provided high quality signs at affordable prices but the rising costs of aluminum, labor, engraving equipment and repairs have led us to take the decision to stop manufacturing tags and signs ourselves.

Over the next four weeks we'll be promoting the launch of a new site that we have been building for organizations with plant collections to raise funding for their trees, plants and conservation work. In light of this new project, we want to let you know of changes we're making on December 1, 2021 to prepare for this new feature to launch. You can read about the new project here.

You will still be able to purchase tags and signs that link to your plant pages.

Who prints Plants Map Tags and Signs?

  • Cultivated Connections To match the format and sizes from your previous Plants Map orders, please contact Cultivated Connections does do custom engraving work on other materials and in various sizes, but is specializing in picking up where Plants Map left of with arboretum QR code signage. You may also contact them through the website linked above. 
  • is a premier printer of horticultural signs and tags. They do very good work. Over the years we’ve used them ourselves and have often referred larger custom printing jobs their way. Visit to see a wide variety of horticultural sign products they offer, everything from simple aluminum tags to displays for garden locations and significant collections in urban landscapes and public gardens.
  • Precision Signs & Labels manufactures horticultural identification signs by laser engraving aluminum or plastic. Over the years many users requested colored labels and they can do that too.
  • National Band & Tag Company is an identification solutions provider who creates everything from plant ID signs to pet collar tags, and much more. 
  • can engrave black aluminum plates and they sell tree hardware and various stakes and mounting options.
  • Sunshine Engraving offers laser engraved labels in two standard sizes for their horticultural identification signs and they can quote and produce custom sized plant labels as well.
  • My Plant Label offers plant identification signs engraved on black anodized aluminum plates as well as various mounting options using stakes or mounting hardware.
  • Metal Photo of Cincinnati has an interesting label option where they chemically etch the information into the metal of their signs. They can produce color information on their signs as well. See their site for more information and to request a quote.
  • To suggest another company to add to this list, email us at
  • To order stakes or tree hardware to match those from your previous orders, please contact

On December 1st we will edit the My Tags page so that you can continue to use the page to organize your printing order and lines of text on your tags and signs but instead of submitting the order and paying us, you can download the spreadsheet and send the file to Lark Label or any other sign and tag manufacturer for printing.

Some users paid to have their own logo turned into a print-ready file for their tag and sign templates. We have saved all of the custom logos and templates we have designed and printed in the past. If you would like your files to give to a new printer, email us at and we will share those with you.

Plants Map users with more than 24 plants will still need a subscription to host your plant pages. If you would like to edit your subscription or change your credit card information you may do that by editing your profile and scrolling down to the account management section at the bottom of the page.

As we look to the future, launch new products and continue to grow Plants Map, we want to also remember where we’ve been and genuinely thank you, our wonderful users, who have helped us evolve into the premier digital documentation and educational outreach tool for sharing information about plants.

Over the next four weeks we will be sending several emails announcing our new project which we expect to launch in beta on January 1, 2022. You can read about the new project here.

As always, email us at with any questions.

Thank you again!

Bill, Tracy, Wendy & the Plants Map Team

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