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Manage Payments - Profile Subscription Tiers

When you begin a My Plants Map Subscription Tier, that subscription payment is applied to the active profile being used (individual or organization) when paying for a tier. 

Subscription Tier: Make sure you are acting as the profile that you want the subscription tier to apply. If it is for an organization profile, make sure you have changed to acting as the organization profile before choosing and making a subscription tier payment. 

To update or make changes to subscription tier payments, there is a Manage Payments section below the Subscription Tier setting in the edit mode of a profile.  For individual profiles, the edit button is located on the lower right side of the profile. For organization profiles, the edit button is on the upper left of the cover photo section.  

Click on Billing and you will see a window displaying the profiles current plan, renewal date, payment methods and billing history. Payment methods can be changed by removing or adding credit cards. 

Sorry, but we do not offer billing or invoicing for subscription tiers.  All payments must be made through profile manage payments billing section as explained here. 

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