Webinar: Introduction to Individual Profiles (4/2/20)

Recording of an April 2, 2020 webinar where we discussed the Individual Profile page.

Links mentioned in the webinar:

  1. Top Navigation
    1. Main Navigation Links (About Us https://info.plantsmap.com/about-us/
    2. Bell Notifications 
    3. Main Site Search
    4. Profile Menu Dropdown  (help.plantsmap.com/article/151-how-to-add-plants-to-an-individual-or-organization-profile
  2. Sidebar (Right) Column
    1. Profile image & about section (help.plantsmap.com/article/83-individual-profiles-on-plants-map)
    2. Social Media Links
    3. Plant, Collection and Network Counter (clickable)
    4. Following and Followers (View more to manage) (https://help.plantsmap.com/article/205-what-does-it-mean-to-follow-a-profile
    5. Button - Change Password
    6. Button - Edit Profile
      1. Name & Display Name
      2. Profile image
      3. Permanent Link to use for sharing
      4. Map Your Profile
      5. Settings (help.plantsmap.com/article/124-how-to-adjust-profile-settings)
        1. Map Tilt (/help.plantsmap.com/category/94-maps)
        2. My Plant Finder Visibility (https://help.plantsmap.com/article/136-my-plant-finder-result-tips)
        3. Email Notification Settings
        4. Profile subscription status and options (www.plantsmap.com/pricing)
      6. Support links
  3. Main (Left) Column
    1. Post News with a photo - shows on Explore too help.plantsmap.com/article/195-how-to-post-to-the-news-feed
    2. My Plants (View More) (https://help.plantsmap.com/article/82-my-plants-map-your-personal-digital-plant-library
    3. My Collections (View More) (https://help.plantsmap.com/article/160-how-to-create-a-collection
      1. Organizing Collections/Subcollections
      2. How to add / remove Plants in Collections
      3. Create a slideshow with a Collection/Subcollection
    4. My Network (https://help.plantsmap.com/category/112-network-and-connections
      1. Icon meanings
      2. How to switch profiles to act as organization
    5. My Map (help.plantsmap.com/article/232-what-can-i-map-on-plants-map)
      1. My Plants
      2. My Collections
      3. My Network

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