Webinar: Introduction to Plantsmap.com (3/24/20)

Recording of a March 24, 2020 webinar where we discussed the Plant Finder filters, the Plant Details and Growing Information plant page tabs, photo captions, adding plants, managing organization networks and the Buy It section as well as answered questions from the attendees.

Links mentioned in the webinar:

My Profile Page
Sign Up and Getting Started Tips
Visitor and Member Tier Features and Pricing

My Plants Map
Your Personal Digital Plant Library

My Plant Finder
My Plant Finder Result Tips

Plant Pages
How to Add Plants
Core Plants
Adding Photos, Captions and more

Organization Profiles
How to Start an Organization Profile
Navigating Between Profiles

My Network
Network and Connection FAQ

My Tags
How to Order Tags and Signs
Interactive Tags and Signs

Resources - Buy It Plants
How to become a Resource
Selling Plants using Plants Map


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