My Tags: How to order plant tags and signs

UPDATE: As of November 2021, Plants Map is no longer manufacturing interactive tags and signs. You can however still use your My Tags page to organize an order to send to another company that manufactures tags and signs. 

My Tags is a feature within the My Plants Map tools that makes it easy to order custom, interactive signs and tags from your plant library on Plants Map. Begin a My Plants Map digital plant library with up to 24 plants and 4 collections. Premium tiers with enhanced services can be found on our pricing page.

Here’s how the My Tags order page works:

  1. Begin a profile
  2. Add your plants to create your My Plants Map library.
  3. Select plants from your My Plants Map library to begin your My Tags order page (see detailed steps below).
  4. From My Tags edit your order list (detailed steps below).
  5. At the bottom of the page choose Save to return later to edit your order OR choose Save and Proceed to receive a spreadsheet of your order and to clear the My Tags page.  
  6. Submit your spreadsheet order to a tag vendor.

Using the My Tags order page

Watch a video on how to use the My Tags order page

3 Ways to add plants to My Tags:

  1. From any plant page, click the “Tag +” button at the top. You’ll see the shopping cart icon update to indicated you’ve added a tag to your cart. Here’s what the “Tag +” button looks like on a plant page:
  2. On the “My Plants Map” page, view your plants as a list. Plants that don’t yet have an interactive sign or tag will have “+Tag” in the tag column on the far right. Click on “+Tag” to add them to your cart. You can sort this column to bring all of the plants without tags to the top.
  3. On the My Tags page, click the “Add” button to bring up a sortable, searchable list of all of your plants. Check the boxes of the ones you want tags for, click, “Add” and they’ll appear in My Tags.

Customizing your order on the My Tags page

The bar across the top allows you to make changes to all of the plants within your My Tags order list.

  1. Verify quantity ordered for each plant.
  2. Choose a product: Tag or Sign
  3. Choose a template: Tag and Sign Templates

Next customize each line for your tags or signs from the following fields:

  • Title
  • Botanical name
  • Common name
  • Family
  • Native Range
  • Profile Name
  • Text (enter your own custom text)
  • None (make a blank line)

If you would like to make changes that only apply to one tag or sign, you can do this on an individual plant’s listing within My Tags.

We recommend editing individual plant tags after you’ve already set your overall preferences with the gray bar, though, because any changes you make with the gray bar will override your work on individual tags.

Once you are happy with your choices and text for each line, click, “Save & Proceed.”

Keeping track of Plants Map plant tags and signs you have ordered

Once we have completed your plant tag order there are two ways that we mark the plants to help remind you that you have previously ordered a tag or sign for that plant: Keeping track of Plants Map tags and signs you have ordered.

Video: My Tags Order Page

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