Can I map point of interest or things other than plants and profiles?

There are creative ways that you could add points to your maps for plants, a garden or plant collection, or location information for profiles. 

One way to add points of interest is to create a Collection about that map location. You can also add subcollections if there are multiple map locations that would be grouped under a similar point of interest (ie: locations along a trail.)

Examples of some profiles with mapped plant collections:

Cossey Park Botanical Garden

Virginia Big Tree Program

Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative

We currently use Google Maps across the website. Images for the underlying base layers vary in resolution depending on the frequency of Google's updates of those images.

If you are a public landscape, you can indicate that in the settings on your organization edit page and the main site map page will let visitors find you by searching or browsing the maps for public landscapes.

We have had requests to add other data and ‘points of interest’ so we will be considering this for future development. If you are interested and want to be included in future trials of this service please email us using the Contact Us form below.

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