Maps FAQs

What can I map on Plants Map? Currently, our forms for profiles, plants, collections, subcollections, and events allow a map pin location to be added by the user. Learn more.

What is the community map? The main ‘MAP’ link in our menu navigation is our community map that only shows plants, collections, and profiles that have been added by the users and indicated as public so they may be seen on the community map.

Is mapping required? No. All location details are voluntarily provided by the users. You do not have to provide location details for your profile, plants, collections/subcollections or events.

Public/Private Settings: All ‘pin location’ fields may be set to public or private. Learn more.

How do I enter location details? Our ‘Location Details’ mapping tool on all of our forms allows you to add location details and a pin via three options: entering an address, providing the latitude/longitude values (GPS coordinates) in Decimal Degrees, or with a ‘find me’ option.

Can I map points of interest or other things besides plants? Currently, we only allow pin locations for profiles, plants, collections/subcollections, and events. Some users will use a collection form to pin other items that are related to their landscape. Learn more.

Can I enlarge the map to pin plants in a small space? We are working to add enhanced map features but our zoom level is limited by Google Maps.

How do I mark exact locations? The best way to pin exact coordinates is by using the latitude/longitude numeric Decimal Degrees as acquired by a handheld GPS device.

Can you import pin locations? Yes. We can import a plant list spreadsheet with latitude/longitude numeric Decimal Degrees.

Do you work with other geodata tools? Yes. We have taken plant list imports from other apps, software, and databases with latitude/longitude numeric Decimal Degree fields.

I can’t see what I am pinning? There may be trees, buildings or other obstructions. When using the find me option try to get as clear a connection with a satellite as possible. You can later drag the pin to a better location from your desktop view.

Why am I not hitting my mark? Many things can interfere with getting exact coordinates. You may need to take several ‘find me’ coordinates and average them for better accuracy or later from a desktop view drag the pin to the exact location.

How accurate is a pin location? On average using the ‘find me’ option, you will get within 3 to 9 feet. More tips on how to improve your location accuracy using Google Maps.

What is Map Tilt? On the bottom of the edit page of a profile, you will see that Map Tilt has been auto-set to ‘Allow’ on your maps. This allows your maps to have a tilt or side view when you zoom-in and a rotation feature. If you do not allow the map tilt, your maps will only have an overhead view of your map. Learn more.

What if my Map Tilt does not work? At the moment we are aware that even though Map Tilt has been auto-set to allow on all profiles, the accuracy of your map will also depend on how accurate Google Maps is at your specific location. We have noticed that not all locations have the tilt/side view and the rotation feature at this time. As Google improves its maps, you will see this automatically improve in your location.

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