What is the Map Tilt feature?

On the bottom of the edit page of a profile, you will see that Map Tilt has been auto-set to ‘Allow’ on your maps. This allows your maps to have a tilt or side view and a button to rotate the map when you zoom in close enough.

If you de-select allow on map tilt, your maps will only have an overhead view of your map. The Map Tilt setting locks your preference in one way or the other and you can try it both ways and change back and forth if needed.

The reason we did this is that some people mapped their plants in the overhead view but if the map tilts, the pins may no longer appear as though they are on the mapped plants. Rotating the map may even make the pinpoints further off because initially the pins were mapped visually from the overhead view.

This is less of a problem if you have exact locations from a survey. How accurate is a pin location? On average using the ‘find me’ option, you will get within 3 to 9 feet. More tips on how to improve your location accuracy using Google Maps.

It is a matter of personal preference as to which view a profile will prefer based on how accurately they set their plant pin locations (overhead view pin drop or entering exact GPS coordinates).

What if my Map Tilt does not work or show on your profile maps at all?

At the moment we are aware that even though Map Tilt has been auto set to allow on all profiles, the accuracy of your map will also depend on how accurate Google Maps is at your specific location. We have noticed that not all locations have the tilt/side view and the rotation feature at this time. As Google improves their maps, you will see this automatically turn on and over time the resolution of the base map image will improve.

To see the difference, view the Milliken & Company profile and scroll down to their map, choose plants and zoom in with the + sign.

Please note photos below are from a desktop using a Safari browser and may be slightly different depending on your device and browser choice.

Overhead View – this is the closest a zoom will get in an overhead view before switching to a tilt view if allowed:

Tilt View with rotation features:

If you do not have exact GPS coordinates to enter, we suggest not allowing Map Tilt to be on. This will allow you to zoom in a bit closer overhead to drop a pin on a plant. Anyone viewing your maps will also not be allowed to tilt or rotate your map. On average using the ‘find me’ option you will get within 3 to 9 feet. More tips on how to improve your location accuracy using Google Maps.

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