How to connect or network two organization profiles

Can organization profiles connect with other organizations?

Yes, you can include in your organization’s network other organizations that may be affiliated with your organization in some way, such as chapters or display gardens.

Things to know:

  • Organizations can only be connections to other organizations. The can not be assigned a role as an administrator or owner.  Therefore they do not have any ability to add or edit any content to your profile. See Network Connection Roles.
  • Connection requests are only 1 way and are not automatically reciprocated. This means when you approve an organization connection request your organization is not connected back to their Network section. A reciprocal connection request if appropriate may be made via the same steps above.
  • Make sure you are acting as the organization profile when sending your connection request. Otherwise, you may be sending the request from your individual ‘My Profile’ instead.

How to Connect Organizations

1) Initiating the Connection:

  • When acting as an organization profile on Plants Map, click the Connect button to initiate a connection request to be added to another organization’s network.

  • A connection request is then emailed to the owner of the organization’s profile via their individual email associated with their ‘My Profile’ sign in. 

Example Connection Request Email:
Hello Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum,
The Master Gardener Association of the Central Rappahannock Area has requested to make a Connection to your Organization on Plants Map.  You can approve this request via the ‘Manage Network’ button on your organization page.
The Plants Map Team
For more assistance visit our Help section topics: Network & Connections

Connection notifications are also visible via the bell icon tool next to the profile menu. The owner of the profile and any admins of the profile can see these notifications.

2) Approving or Dismissing the Connection Request:

After the owner or an admin visits their organization’s ‘Manage Network’ section (link is below the Edit link), they then approve or dismiss a request.

If approved the requesting organization will get an approved email and will be seen in the organization’s network section.

Connections are indicated with the ‘person’ icon while an admin has a cogwheel icon and an owner has a briefcase icon.

How to Leave a Network Connection – If at any time an individual profile or an organization profile wishes to leave an organization’s network they connected with, simply return to that profile page and choose “Leave Network” to remove yourself.

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