How to create a link for your website to your Plants Map profile

For those of you who have websites, you know how important backlinks are for your SEO. Did you know that you can link to your website from your individual or organization profile? Likewise, many of you have asked for step by step instructions for how to link to your Plants Map profile from your blog or website. This post will show you how to link in both directions.

Let’s get your profile updated first and then I’ll share the steps to add this widget below to your site so that it links to your profile.


View my profile on Plants Map

Here are the steps to update your profile and get the right link and a bit of sample code that you can use.

  1. Sign in to and you will land on your “Home” page. This is your personalized view of Plants Map based on the plants and collections you post. It also pulls in updates from the organizations or individuals that you follow and it also pulls in updates from organizations where you are a connection.
  2. When you first sign in, you are using the site with your individual profile. At the top right of the site, you’ll see your “display name” and your profile image if you’ve uploaded one.
  3. Click on your profile image or display name and you will see a drop-down menu that has a selection for “My Profile”. Click on “My Profile”. Note: If you have an organization profile and want to use the site as your organization, just choose your organization from the list and you will see that your display name and profile image will change to the organization’s profile.
  4. This is your profile page. The grey bar across the top shows your display name. Below the image, you will see your personalized link. In my case, my display name is Bill Blevins and my personalized link is and that link is based on the display name you choose. We automatically assigned that personal url based on your display name when you signed up, so if you want to change it click here and let us know.
  5. Below that box, you will find a big blue “Edit” button. Click it.
  6. You can change your Display Name and add or edit your profile picture and tell a little about yourself and what you like to grow. You can also edit many other fields including the ability to add links to your blog, website and social media profiles.

Once your profile is the way you want it and you have it saved, you can use this code below to create a widget on your blog or link to your profile from your website.

I’ll use my own profile as the example. You would copy your personal URL from your profile and replace mine with your yours. I’ve put the two links in bold that you would replace.

Here is the code I used for the link and image at the top of this post:

<code><a href="<strong></strong>" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Plants Map Logo"></a><br /> <strong><a href="<strong></strong>" target="_blank">View my profile on Plants Map</a></strong>

If you would like a different image size, you can find more choices in our Brandfolder. Two other options for images are:



That’s about it. Let us know if you need any help. Thank you for linking to Plants Map from your blog or website. We really appreciate you sharing Plants Map with your followers and friends!

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