What browser is best to use for Plants Map?

Occasionally we receive reports of problems with Plants Map features and our first question is to ask if the problem is happening in the Internet Explorer web browser. We don't support the old Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

Since March 2015, Internet Explorer has not been updated or supported by Microsoft and it has been replaced with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 Mobile.

If you are having problems with some features on the site, please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you believe you are still encountering an issue, please report bugs via our Contact Us form.

  • Please be as specific as possible in the error encountered.
  • Include the device you were using (brand of smartphone, tablet or computer)
  • The current version of your operating system is very helpful. This can usually be found under the main About menu on your computer or on a mobile device under Settings>General> Sofware.
  • The website browser you were using (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and the version (usually under the About menu or Settings for the browser application you are using).
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