Plants Map New Features Webinar: Plant Finder, Core Plants, Buy It Plants

Plants Map New Features Webinar recorded on May 3, 2019 – Watch how to use our new Plant Finder, Core Plants, and Buy It Plants features.

Plant Finder – This tool helps you explore and discover plants with purpose filters to find plants of interest, to visit, to buy, and core plants to quickly add to your My Plants Map library.

  • Searches on all plants entered into Plants Map.
  • Results include plants that meet certain value criteria: they include photos, botanical name, etc.
  • Plants are ranked based on the completeness of a plant page: plant details, growing details, etc  
  • Results may include any plant that fit the filters chosen, not necessarily always desirable plants.
  • Search options are by name, description, filters.
  • Purpose filters: Of Interest – unique story and photos, higher number of completed fields in the plant details and growing details tabs. Additionally, likes are factor into these plants.
  • Purpose filters: To Visit – The public landscape setting only available to organization profiles

Core Plants – We developed our Core Plants database based on plants that our users are repeatedly adding and documenting in their profiles. Learn how to use them to build your own My Plants Map library | Adopting core plants will become a paid subscription tier feature on May 24, 2019.

  • 1 step process to begin a plant list.
  • We are still adding plants to the core plant list.
  • Core plants are based on plants that have been added more than 3 times by different users.  

Buy It Plants are now provided by members of our Resources section to better help you grow your world.

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