How to add captions to photos

To add captions to each of your photos within a plant, collection or subcollection photo gallery, there are two options. You can add a caption when you initially upload a photo. You can also add a new caption or edit an existing caption to a photo that is already on one of your profiles.

There is a 50 character limit on the captions.

New Photos: When you add a new photo to a plant, collection or subcollection you will see a caption field below the photo.

Photo Caption

Existing Photos: To add a caption to existing photos, choose to ‘edit’ your plant, collection or subcollection and from the photos tab, select the photo you want to add or edit a caption. Enter your caption and select ‘update caption’. When finished editing photo captions, select ‘save’ at the top of the plant story, collection or subcollection.

New Photo

As you click on a photo to enlarge and view from the photo gallery, the caption is then seen below the photo.


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