How to use the Rose Tab to record plant details

Rose TabPremium Profiles have an option on their plant profile pages to add a custom tab to their plant pages that have additional fields that are specific to certain types of plants. We call these Custom Plant Tabs. Here is information on the Rose Tab.

When you edit your plant pages you will see a custom tab drop down menu with an option to add the rose tab to that particular plant.

Custom Plant Tab

See Violet’s Pride™ Downton Abbey Floribunda Rose by Bill Blevins for an example of the Rose Tab in use. Learn more and watch a quick video about how to use Customized Plant Tabs.

The Rose Tab Fields: 

  • Rose Name

  • Rose Cultivar / Variety
  • Rose trade name
  • Patent #
  • Classification: Wild/Species Rose, Old Garden Rose, Modern Garden Rose
  • Flower Color

    Fragrance strength

  • Fragrance description
  • Bud form / shape
  • Flower form / shape
  • Flower Size
  • Petal count
  • Characteristics
  • Plant Habit
  • Growth habit
  • Foliage description
  • Foliage Color
  • Disease Resistance
  • Black Spot Resistant?
  • Parentage
  • Introduced by
  • Brand Collection
  • Introduction year
  • Awards

Violet’s Pride™ Downton Abbey Floribunda Rose by Bill Blevins example

Rose Tab Violet's Pride

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