List plants for sale in the To Buy Plant Finder section

Resource profiles can list plants for sale in the Plant Finder To Buy purpose filter.

The Plant Finder plants to buy filter and Buy It service allows visitors and users on to see a distinction between plants that are available for purchase and plants that are for informational or educational purposes or from individual profiles.

The Buy It services was built for both online vendors as well as for garden centers by providing a button that allows you to customize your message (buy it, visit us, learn more) and a direct website link of your choice.

  • Buy It plants are indicated with a unique price tag icon and a customizable button with a direct website link of your choice.
  • Only plants subscribed to this service are seen within the plants to buy Plant Finder results.
  • The Buy It service is only available on an annual subscription basis to organization profiles that upgrade to a Resource profile.
  • At this time, per our Terms of Service, we can only accept and approve Resource profiles with services, products, and plants available within the United States.
  • All plant vendors must be in compliance with local, state, and U.S. plant commerce laws. See


  • Upgrade to a Resource profile at $99 for one year.
  • Enroll in the Buy It service for one year starting at $60 for 24 plants.
  • Additional credits of 24 plants can be purchased at $60 each.

How to get started

  1. Sign in and add an organization profile.
  2. Upgrade to a Resource Profile within the profile settings page. You will be prompted to pay online to upgrade.
  3. Enroll in the Buy It service. As a paid Resource you will now see this service available in your profile settings. Enrollment is in blocks of 24 plant credits only.
  4. Begin adding your plants or contact us to upload them via a spreadsheet import.

Turning On/Off Buy It Plants

Once enrolled with credits for Buy It plants, you will see a Buy It toggle (on/off) on your plant pages in edit mode.

When Buy It toggle is on, this plant has now used a credit for this service. 

Next, choose your message button with a website link of your choice. Message button options are Buy It, Visit Us, Learn More and Contact Us as seen below. 

When the Buy It toggle is turned back off, the message button is removed, as well as the buy it icon and the plant is also removed from the Buy It search results. The plant however is not deleted and will still remain as a plant page under your profile for informational purposes. 

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