Announcing the Resource Marketplace

Resource Profiles were designed for organizations with or without plants, to be able to participate in Plants Map and share how they are connected to people with plants. These Resources may have products related to horticulture, plants and gardening, or they may provide a service such as landscape planning or management.

We've built the Resource Marketplace to help users browse, search and find the Resource profiles more easily, apart from all of the other individual and organization profiles on the site. You can find Resources by location and type of product or service.

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Resources also have access to: 

  • Advertising: The option to promote a product, service or display ad on our Explore and Journal pages.
  • ‘Buy it’ Plant Tab: For plant vendors, a subscription to a ‘Buy It’ tab on your plant pages linking to your website or e-commerce portal.
  • Additional digital marketing and advertising opportunities.

Resource profiles are an upgraded organization profile and you can find the setting to upgrade your organization to the Resource section on the bottom of your organization edit page.

Future plans are to provide Plants Map Resources with a store front and the ability to run ad units on a network of other websites that relate to gardening and horticulture. An additional feature will be the ability to add products or service listings to your profile. There will be options that meet the needs of small businesses to large companies.

(Posted June 24 2016, Updated December 3, 2019)

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