Community Guidelines

Welcome to Plants Map. This is a community of individuals and organizations connected through an enthusiasm for socially sharing information, photos and stories about their plants, plant collections, gardens, and related botanical activities, interests and organizations.

We invite and encourage all skill levels from weekend and beginner gardeners to avid and experienced plant enthusiasts to horticultural professionals, organizations and institutions. We want to be the place to share a broad diversity of botanical interests and information from carrots to redwoods, houseplants to wildflowers and everything in-between.

We want to also include within our community the participation of teachers, colleges, and universities to help foster the next generation of plant and environment enthusiasts, gardeners, horticulturists, botanist, and green professionals. This means that all content must be appropriate for ages 13 and up. Please note our website is not intended for ages under 13. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Profile Credentials:

Please keep in mind this is a social media website comprised of a wide range of users with limited knowledge to expertise.  Accounts are intended for socially sharing your enthusiasm for your plants, gardens, and related organizations and activities. Please take note of the credentials given in a user’s bio or organization’s description to be your guide to the veracity of plant information.  We plan to implement ‘verified’ or accredited plant profiles from sources such as botanical gardens, arboreta, horticulturalists, growers, professionals, businesses, etc.

Think Before You Post:

Please be positive, kind and encouraging in your comments and posts. What you say has an impact so please be constructive and positive using kind words and actions. Keep in mind this quote from Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Plants Map intends to create an environment that encourages each other with thoughtful, kind and encouraging comments and posts.

Activity that is threatening, hateful, or attacks others or is negative in nature will result in your profile being deactivated. Stalking or actions deemed as bullying will also lead to deactivation. Users may be banned from creating future profiles as well. Please also read our Terms of Service and Copyright Policy for other actions that will merit a course of action.

Terms of Service:

Geographic Jurisdiction: The Site and/or Services are controlled and operated by Plants Map from its offices within the United States. Plants Map makes no representation that Content and other materials available through the Site and/or Services are appropriate or available for use in any other locations.  Those who choose to access the Site and/or Services from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable. Based on the geographic jurisdiction, all content should be posted in a language that can be easily read and understood by the geographic base of users in the United States. Content may be translated into English based on our own discretion for our users. See full Terms of Service.

Resources and Advertising: At this time we can only accept and approve Resource profiles and advertisers with services, products, and plants available within the United States. Learn more about our Advertising Guidelines.

Rules of Conduct: Efforts to directly monetize your profile (e.g., you may not sell access to your account or collect payment from endorsers) are prohibited. The use of our tools, such as collection or plant stories, can not be monetized or appear as though they are being monetized. Solely creating a collection for the purpose of sponsorship acknowledgment would be interpreted as monetizing the collection. See more Rules of Conduct within our full Terms of Service.

Reporting Activity

This community is self-reporting. Any activity that may be deemed by others as inappropriate may be reported.  Please use our Contact Us form if at any time you need to report activity.

Thank you and we hope you actively participate in growing a positive environment and a community of people, plants, plant collections, and organizations.

These Community Guidelines may be revised and updated from time to time as necessary.

[Reviewed and updated on February 11, 2019]
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