How to include video or audio links on plant pages

We do not host video or audio files at the moment but there are still several ways to include links to videos and audio files on plant profiles, in Collections or on an organization profile page. You will need to post the video to a service such as YouTube or SoundCloud and then use their linking or embedding code to have the files show up on your Plants Map pages.

Here are a few examples of where you can include links to a video or an audio file:

  • Plant Story: Within a plant story using the hyperlink edit tool. Simply highlight the text that you want to link and use the hyperlink icon to past in the URL. This can also be done within a collection story.

Hyperlink tool

  • Plant Refernce Links: Within the plant details tab is an owners information section where you can add reference links to other websites.

reference links

  • Notes Tab: You can create a Notes Tab dedicated to video links or audio links.

Notes tab videos

If you are using an organization profile, you can also use one of the call-to-action text buttons to link to a website that is hosting your videos or audio files.

Call to action button

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