Plants Map new features webinar: Subscription Tiers

Plants Map New Features Webinar recorded on May 31, 2019 – Subscription Tiers launched and new features coming soon.

Details of our subscription tiers can be found on our pricing page at

Features in Basic (free) 
  • Post news, engage with others (follows, likes, comments), connect with organizations, create event pages.
  • Enhancements coming soon: notifications and replies on newsfeed posts, comments and plant comments via email with notifications settings.
  • Plants must be added by the user manually. Limit to 24 plants and 4 collections.
Features in Plus 
  • Unlimited plant library, access to adopting core plants (280+ with 1,400K more to approve), 5% Discount on tag orders
  • NEW My Plant Finder for individuals and organizations. Can be used as your own person plant finder or also made public for landscapes that want this feature for their visitors.
Features in Premium 
  • Enhancements to the custom plant tabs – these will now be bundled into this tier. Current tabs: Rose, Iris, Daylily, Daffodil, Trees
  • Spreadsheet upload of plants (no longer available unless you are at the Plus or higher subscription Tier for at least one year).
  • Planned NEW features: My Maps with Virtual Tours, My Analytics, My Photos
  • Planned enhancements to the network feature for organizations with group notifications and chats.
Features in Resource  
  • Listed within the searchable directory of Resources on Plants Map
  • Discount on website and E-Journal advertising
  • Buy It Plants services
  • Planned NEW features – My Products
Reminder: All content on Plants Map is build to be shared to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
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