Plants Map new features webinar: My Plant Finder

Plants Map New Features Webinar recorded on July 12, 2019 – My Plant Finder for individual, organization and resource profiles.

Notes from the webinar

New My Plants Map feature – My Plant Finder launched June 27th

  • This is a feature within the paid Plus or higher subscription tier (
  • The Explore page Plant Finder searches the entire site, across profiles. My Plant Finder is visible on a profile and only searches the plants of that profile  
  • Profiles without the plant finder only have the new grid/list/table view and a sort option.  


  • is an open access without a sign-in required and mobile screen responsive for smartphones and tablets. 
  • Visitors can see your profile and use the My Plant Finder without a sign-in. 


  • Edit your Individual or Organization profile settings > My Plant Finder > OFF = no public visibility or private use only
  • Can be turned on and off for tours or visitors for a brief period of time. 
  • Organization profiles have an additional setting for Public LandscapeON = plants to visit results for both plant finder (site wide) and my plant finder (my profile plants). 

Examples of organization public landscapes with the My Plant Finder 

Example of resource profiles with buy it plants


Purpose Filters: All plants, buy it, to visit, of interest

My Plant Finder Result Tips

  • Primary fields searched include Botanical Name, Common Name, Trade Name.
  • We do not search on Title of a plant page.  
  • Descriptive text within the story is searched.
  • Owner fields, plant details and growing details.

Adding Plants

  • How to Add Plants
  • When updating your plants with photos you can also update the fields, map locations, and add them to a collection.
  • If you are new, adopting Core Plants will fill in some starter information in these fields for you.
  • If you have existing plants with plant tags (QR codes) you want to only update those existing plant pages. Deleting a plant can cause the plant tag (QR codes) to stop working. Contact us if you accidentally delete a plant page.
  • Family / Genus Fields – if you see duplicates it may be a misspelled family name. Find the plant with the misspelling and correct on the plant form page.
  • Family / Genus Fields – names must be accepted scientific taxonomy name. Family names will end in aceae (latin for resembling as in family resemblance).
  • Please use KEW Science ( for current, accepted family and genus name verification.


  • Profile name visibility above plant library for visitors.  
  • Statics on the number of plants per search criteria, in a genus, family, collection, etc.  
  • Near me filter – find your location and then see plants near you. This will be available on both the Explore page site wide plant finder and my plant finder profile search tool.
  • Collection tour – organized visual map tour of a collection available to premium level and higher profiles. 
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