How durable are Plants Map tags and signs?

The aluminum material is 4mm thick and it is about the thickness of a credit card, if not a little thicker. It is rigid and will not bend easily.

The surface is a painted satin matte finish and is a military spec coating called UltraBlack and that surface has been tested in a lab for 14 years to withstand UV light, chemicals, temperature extremes and scratching. The material we use is actually the same material the military uses as identification tags on the exterior of helicopters and other aircraft.

We've been using this material since 2014 an have had no problems at all with the surface.

Since the surface is a flat satin surface, it does tend to get a little bit of white looking or milky line along the bottom after being outside for a while. We suspect that is just dirt getting splashed on the sign and then drying after rain but it cleans up instantly with Windex or regular household spray cleaners. A quick wipe with a cloth makes them look new again.

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