Can I have color on my plant tags and signs?

We are experimenting with engraving images on Plants Map tags and signs but at the moment we don’t have any ability to handle color. Someone recently asked if we could put a color photo on the signs and tags showing a photo of the plant. While there may be some process we aren’t aware of that can do that, we think we have an even better solution!

Our aluminum blanks have a black coating on them which when burned with the laser, etches the surface to reveal the silver aluminum color under the black coating. The QR code that we engrave is unique to the web page for the plant that goes with the tag or sign.

If you want someone to see your plant in full bloom and it’s the middle of winter, instead of putting the image of the plant on the sign, add the photo or multiple photos of that plant to the plant’s webpage. Then, when someone scans the code, they can see all of the photos of that plant as well as read all of the other growing and scientific information that the owner has added to the web page.

Plants Map tags allow you to tell the story of that plant and then over time, continue to update information and add more photos as your plant grows.Your plant profile can grow and change with the seaons giving your visitors an enhanced experience of that plant.

Your plant profile can grow and change with the seasons, giving your visitors an enhanced experience where they can learn more about that plant.

Our tags are excellent for visual plant identification. You can provide visitors with extensive information that won’t fit on a single sign and tell the story of each individual plant.

Most of the time, we get requests for black signs and tags but we know there are options for colors available and we’ll be testing those materials soon. If you really want color, leave us a note using the form below and we will see what we can do for you.

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