What is the best way to link interactive plant tags to my website?

We’re often asked if our Plants Map interactive tags link to other websites.

Our tags and signs are directly connected to your plant profiles hosted on Plants Map. We are very careful with the URL structure we use so that once a QR Code is created, the link doesn't change and break the code.

You can link to your own website or other websites in multiple places on your plant pages.

Your profile and plant pages can contain as much or as little information you want to provide including photos, the story about your plants, location of your plants, growing information and more.

Once your profile is created, every plant page on your profile will have its own unique URL or web address. When you’re ready to create your interactive plant tags you can use the order form, called the My Tags page and you will find it on your My Plants Map section of your profile.

We can't control the URL structure on other websites. Small updates to the software on another site can change inadvertently change the URLs and that would break QR Codes that had been created using the old links. This is the main problem with linking to other sites and the reason why we don't create QR Codes that link to other places. We want to control the URLs on Plants Map so they never change and the codes we make won't break.

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