I want to order plant tags. Now what?

You probably landed here after searching the internet for “high-quality plant tags” for your garden or landscape.

We’re glad you found us! We too searched for “botanical quality plant tags” and found many results to choose from with varying price ranges and options. We appreciate the fact that you landed here because we were also seeking the same solution: an easy, affordable way to get high quality, attractive and interactive tags that connect to our own plants.

What Makes Plants Map Tags Different?

Plants Map tags link to a unique page that we host for each of your plants. Our tags and signs include all the traditional botanical information but in addition, each tag also has a QR code that links to a specific web page created by you for each of your plants and trees!

As the owner of the plant, you can scan the code with your mobile phone or a tablet and quickly add notes, photos, and edit the information. Visitors to your garden can scan the code on a tag and read the information that you add about your plants and trees. You can tell the story of each individual plant in your garden. You can share photos of your plants from all seasons.

How do I actually order tags?

First, start a profile for yourself. If these are for your own garden, you can start adding your plants. If these are for an organization, add an organization profile next, then add your plants.

Click here to view a very brief video overview of the process.

If you are only interested in ordering a few tags or placing small batch orders over time, just start by adding your plants and when you’re ready to use the My Tags order form linked on the My Plants Map to add the ones you want to your shopping cart. (You can also click the “Tag +) button on the top of each plant page.)

If you have a large plant collection we can speed up the process by importing them for you with a spreadsheet. We can send you our spreadsheet template or work with you if you have an existing database. Once your plants are imported you can add your photos, stories and more. Simply send us an email to tags@plantsmap.com for more information on importing plants.

Once you place your order we will be in touch with you to confirm your order and send you a proof set. You can work with us to make edits if needed and once the proofs are approved we print the tags and mail out to you. The process is about 1 week depending on shipping. Our goal is for you to have your order within 10 business days after the proofs are approved.

If you have any questions at all just let us know. We are here to help and glad you found us.

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