Can I order tags for another purpose other than marking plants?

Plants Map was built to host botanical collections with many tools to help you document, map, and tag your plants. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to order plant tags and signs that link to your digital plant library hosted on

Our automated process creates codes linking to Plants Map plant pages. Our platform is designed so that the plant web page URLs are static and don't change after a QR Code is generated on a sign.

This is the biggest problem we see with creating QR Codes to other websites. If they change their software and don't pay particular attention to their URLs, any QR Codes that were linking to those pages no longer work. For this reason, we don't print tags or signs that go to other websites or other items of interest because it's almost certain those codes will break and it would reflect poorly on us since we printed the tags.

Having said that, we do have a list of companies that make all sorts of signs and they will link to any site you want. If you are interested in a list, contact us and we'll help you get what you need.

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