What is embedded in the QR Code on Plants Map tags and signs?

After you add a plant to Plants Map, that plant information and photos will live permanently on a webpage. That plant page will have a unique ID that is permanently connected to that specific plant.

The link or URL for that specific plant web page is what we use to create the QR Code on the interactive Plants Map Tags and Signs.

If you created a plant that had an ID of 228, then the link embedded in the QR Code for that plant would be http://plantsmap.com/plants/228 and when the QR Code is scanned, your mobile device would open that webpage.

When a visitor to your garden scans the QR Code on one of your tags or signs in on a browser, their mobile device will open to the web page you created for your plant, not a generic webpage about that type of plant. It will open your plant page allowingn them to read the information you entered and see the photos you’ve stored for that plant. They will also be able to ‘like’ the plant, share the plant out to their other social networks, view your profile, and more.

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