How many Plants Map Tags and Signs have been created?

Plants Map started making interactive horticultural tags and signs in 2014. We now have tags and sign in use in hundreds of private and public gardens all over the world.

Plants Map Tags and Signs can now be found in a new building marking indoor plants at Brigham Young University, in the Utility Line Arboretum at Virginia Tech, marking trees on the Ni River Trail which is part of the Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative, in Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum, at Fenner Nature Center in Lansing Michigan, at a park marking donated trees in the Village of Gridley, Illinois and marking plants along trails at the Florida Tech Botanical Garden.

At some point when we have the time, we will go back through old orders to get an accurate count of how many tags and signs have been created. We changed accounting systems in early 2019 and lost our accurate inventory counts from the line items on our orders.

We estimate between 1000 and 3000 tags and signs have shipped every month since mid-2015.

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