What is the difference between Community and Network?

The Community sections include profiles of individuals and organizations on Plants Map. The Network sections, however, show only Connections made to Organizations on Plants Map.

Community Sections

The Explore page Community section includes the entire community of individual and organization profiles on Plants Map. The Explore page is viewable to website visitors as well as our users.

The Map page Community section only displays those profiles that have included location information and marked their location as public. The Map page is viewable to website visitors as well as our users.

Your Home page Community section includes only the profiles that you have chosen to  Follow on Plants Map. This customizes your Home page experience to you and your interests. Your unique Home page is only viewable by you as a signed-in Plants Map user.

Network Sections

  • Networks relate to how you are Connected to an Organization profile on Plants Map.
  • Network sections are only seen on the profile pages of individuals and organizations.
  • The purpose of the Networks section is to show membership or affiliation with an organization.
  • Plants Map users will only see the action to Connect on an Organization Profile. Users will not see this action available on an Individual Profile.
  • Organizations approve Connection requests based on their own criteria. This may include staff or employees, members, volunteers, customers, clients, chapters, etc.


Networks include the roles of Owner, Admins, and Connections and they are created by any of the following actions:

Owner Role

If you create an Organization Profile you will automatically see your individual profile within the Network Section of that organization. You will also see on your individual profile the Organization you created within your Network. The suitcase icon represents the owner in that organization’s Network.

Admin Role

An individual profile can request to  Connect to an Organization Profile. If they are assigned a role as an admin by the owner, they can also act as that organization and edit or add content including plants and collections. An organization can have several admins and they are represented by the cogwheel icon in that Network.

Connection Role

Both individual and organization profiles can request to  Connect to an Organization profile and be approved as Connections. They do not have the ability to act as the organization, edit or add content. Connections are represented with a network icon.

The Network section of your individual My Profile page

This area shows the organizations on Plants Map that you Connected with by one of the above actions.

The Network section of an Organization Profile page

This area shows Connections made to your organization by both individuals and other organizations. It can also show Connections you have made with other organizations as well.

Plants Map users will only see the option to Connect on an Organization Profile. When a user selects Connect, this sends a notification to the organization to approve or decline your request and to be assigned a role as an admin or a connection.

How to Leave a Network Connection

If at any time an individual profile or an organization profile wishes to leave an organization’s network they connected with, simply return to that profile page and choose “Leave Network” to remove yourself.

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