How to reset your password

To reset your password or email for your Plants Map user sign in:

  • Sign in using your current email and password.
  • To change your email: Choose ‘Edit’ on your My Profile page and change the email ID and save. This will change your email for your sign in. This is the email we use to contact you regarding important updates or changes to our website. It is not displayed on your profile page.
  • To change your password choose ‘Change Password’ on your My Profile page.

More password/email troubleshooting:

  • Forgot Password Help: If you have forgotten your password: below the Sign In password field is a link to ‘forgot password’ that will send you an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Wrong Email: If you entered a wrong email for your sign in, use that wrong email and password to sign in again and follow the step above to reset your email ID within the edit page of your profile.
  • Organization Email: Note that only individual profiles create a sign in with a password and email. Organization profiles are created by an individual profile that becomes the ‘Owner’ of that profile. The email ID associated with the organization’s owner’s profile is the primary email used to contact organizations with updates and community notifications. The owner’s email is not displayed on the organization page. Only the ‘contact email’ provided is displayed.
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