What is the difference between Connect and Follow?

Plants Map users have the ability to:

  • Follow other profiles of individuals, organizations, and resources.
    • This will customize your Home page based on your interests.
  • Request to Connect with an organization’s profile network.
    • Approved connections are shown within the Network section on a profile page.

You will only see the option to “connect” on an organization or resource profile, not on individual profiles.

The Connect social feature allows organizations to approve and add profiles to their Network section on their profile page. These connections may be members, chapters, volunteers, customers, or other affiliations as set by the organization profile.

The Connect feature also allows the owner of the organization to assign roles within their network, such as an administrator role, so that other individuals have the ability to assist with updating the profile.

What does it mean to “Connect” to an Organization on Plants Map?

A user on Plants Map can click ‘Connect’ to send a request to join an organization’s network.

The owner or administrators of that organization can approve or deny a connection request. Organizations set their own criteria for approving these connections. The criteria may be that you need to be an active member, certified volunteer, participating chapter, partner or sponsor, etc.

Once approved the ‘connection’ is seen within the Network section on a profile for the individual as well as the organization.

Can organizations connect with other organizations?

Yes, but there are some differences:

  • Organizations can only be connections to other organizations; they can not be assigned a role as an administrator for instance.
  • Organizations that request and are approved to connect with another organization are seen in the approving organizations Network only.
    • The approving organization is not shown in the Network of the requesting organization. A reciprocal connection request needs to be made to display that organization in your network.


How to Leave a Network Connection – If at any time an individual profile or an organization profile wishes to leave an organization’s network they connected with, simply return to that profile page and choose “Leave Network” to remove yourself.

What does it mean to “Follow” another profile on Plants Map?

followYou can follow other individuals, organizations and resource profiles based on your interests. This means you will see updates from these profiles, such as adding new plants or updating a collection, within your “Home” page view.

When you follow another profile on Plants Map, you are making a social connection. As you follow more profiles, your Home page becomes more customized and tailored to your interests on Plants Map.

You can only see the Home page news and updates when you are signed in as a user.

The connect and follow features are just two ways Plants Map is Connecting People with Plants.

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