Can I export my plants?

Yes! Plants added to Plants Map can now be exported into an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how to Export your plant list.

From your “My Plants Map” page, you will now see a blue-green button at the top left.

Click this button and download a file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

This file will have a row for each plant and a column for almost every field you could use on a plant page.

The file also includes a column with a direct URL to your plant.

If you added photos, you will see a column with the direct links to your photos so you can open them to your browser and save them back to your computer if needed.

This export file is almost the exact format we use to import plants for Premium and Resource users. If you are preparing a file for import, it's often helpful to create a plant page and fill out as much detail about that plant as you can, using every field. Then, go to your My Plants Map page and export the plant list file. You can use this download as a reference when making your list to send to us to upload to your profile.

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