How to create a Collection as a plant solutions list for customers

Collections are a way to organize and create groupings of plants. The collection tool can be used to digitize a plant solution list for your consumers, clients, staff, and social audience.  They can be short and simple with as few as four plants. [ Watch our video: Create a Digital Plant Solution List]

To make a plant solution collection for your organization, switch to acting as your organization from the profile menu:

Choose  Add Collection from the Add New button.

Fill in the collection form. Only a title is required.

  1. Add a title (required)
  2. Add a cover photo
  3. Add a story to describe this collection
  4. Add location details (optional) – We suggest mapping the location of your business if applicable.
  5. Save!

Add Plants – Now as you add plants you can organize them into the collections you have created. Using the same Add New button as above, choose Add Plant

  1. Fill in the plant form. Only a title is required.
  2. Enter some growing information into the story of the plant.
  3. Choose next to see additional tabs to add a photo gallery, plant details, growing details, notes, and comments. All fields are optional.
  4. Save

This is the saved view of the plant.  There are two ways to place plants into a collection.

From a plant page choose the Add/Remove Collection Icon or button.

A window opens to search for the collections or subcollections to add or remove a plant.

From the Collection page, click on the plants tab and choose the button Add/Remove Plants. 

A window opens to search for and select plants to add to this collection.

You have now added plants and placed them into collections.

These plants and collections can now be seen on your Plants Map profile by your staff, customers, and shared in your digital marketing.

They can also be searched for and found by our community and other visitors to

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