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Thank you for your interest in helping to support our growing community of horticultural enthusiasts and landscapes with educational outreach missions.

We offer a number of ways that you can feature your brand, business, products, or services on We offer E-Journal sponsorships, display advertising, and a Resource section with the exclusive ability to promote your garden related products or plants.

Please contact us to customize a sponsorship opportunity for you. We can help you with starting a resource profile and work with you to create promoted products.

Who uses is continuously growing. Our My Plants Map tools, along with our interactive plant tags and signs, support educational outreach for a broad diversity of people, places and organizations.

By supporting the community you have the opportunity to connect with avid individual plant collectors as well as those that participate with or manage public landscapes, community parks, botanical gardens, arboreta, non-profit organizations, schools, colleges and more.

Learn more about some of the people, places and organizations using Plants Map via our featured profiles journal series.


  • Our users and visitors have access to from both their computers (52%) and mobile devices (48%) such as smartphones and tablets without the need for an app.
  • Reach plant enthusiasts as young as 18 and over 65 with all generations in-between represented!
  • Our audience is 58% female and 42% male.

Who’s digging in:

  • Plants Map users are plant collectors, master gardeners, professors, teachers, students, and professionals that manage public landscapes.
  • There are over 5,000 individuals and organizations using Plants Map to document their plants, landscapes and gardens.
  • Directly reach 8-13K avid plant collectors and those involved with managing public landscapes via our E-Journal.

How to get started:

Website Display Ads

Our run of audience (ROA) displays ads are featured on a rotation basis on our Explore page, Resource page, Journal & Help pages.  The IAB standard ad size is 300 x 250 pixels.

  • Display Ad Pricing
    • $300 for 90 days
    • $550 6 months
    • $825 9 months
    • $1,100 for 1 year
  • Display Ad Pricing for Resource Profiles
    • $250 for 90 days
    • $450 for 6 months
    • $900 for 1 year

E-Journal Monthly Email

Directly reach 13-15K avid plant collectors and those involved with managing public landscapes.

  • Our Connecting People With Plants E-Journal is sent once a month to over 5K e-mail subscribers.
  • The website version of our monthly E-Journal is also shared via our social channels and reaches an additional 8-10K more plant enthusiasts.
  • There are only two ads in each E-Journal email campaign.  The ad size is a standard IAB format 300 x 250 pixel image. We can link to any URL you wish, including a tracking URL if you use those in your ad campaigns.
  • The Plants Map E-Journal is sent at the end of each month, usually by the last Thursday of the month.

Pricing for Email Sponsorship Ads:

  • $450 for advertisers who have a Resource profile on Plants Map
  • $500 if you don’t have a Resource profile.

Both Display Ads and E-Journal Ads are 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall

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