New Features Webinar – August 2, 2019

Plants Map New Features Webinar recorded on August 2, 2019 – This recorded webinar covers enhancements to our My Plant Finder tool, new profile settings and email notifications, and a review of our custom plant tabs available.

Profile Settings – To access your settings you must be in the edit mode of an individual page or organization page. You will notice the new question mark help hint links (?) next to each setting. We have incorporated these help hint links throughout the website to link to our help articles with detailed information.

My Plant Finder Enhancements

  • Profile title is now at the top of the My Plant Finder view for visitors.  
  • Statistical plant counts are now seen on purpose filters, collections, and other filters such as genus, category, etc.
  • Plant owner query for acquired, planted, profile created and updated dates for plants.
  • My Plant Finder Result Tips
  • Previous My Plant Finder Webinar 

Custom Plant Tabs

Custom plant tabs are available to premium and resource level subscription tier profiles. The current library of custom plant tabs includes Iris, Daylily, Rose, Tree, and Daffodil. 

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