Does Plants Map have an app?


No App Needed for Plants Map

We are regularly asked where to download our app in the Apple Store and the Google Play store for iPhones and Android phones.
You don’t need to do that. Simply visit the site in your browser to view the site, sign up or to sign in.
We do not have an app because the site was built as a mobile responsive website and not an app. What this means is that it looks good and all of the features work multiple browsers and multiple platforms and operating systems. Anyone that can access a website from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer can use without the need to download anything.
To use Plants Map simply visit from any device that has an internet website browser.
  • Visitors can explore and use the search tool to find your profile, plants or collections.
  • Users can create a sign in to access the social features and My Plants Map tools to add plants and collections.

Recommended QR Code Reader App

To scan the QR code on one of our interactive plant tags or signs, you will need to download an app or use one that is already on your phone.
There are a number of free and paid QR Code reader apps available. We’ve tried all of them or at least most of them. After all of that testing, we recommend using the QR Code reader app built by Scan Inc.
When you scan a QR code on one of our tags or signs, your web browser will open to the plant page on your smartphone or tablet or you will see a pop-up showing the link to click to go to the plant detail page.
In November 2016 we learned that the update to the Twitter app now has a built-in QR Code reader. If you use Twitter on your phone, you can use their built-in reader to scan Plants Map interactive tags and signs.
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