Troubleshooting a QR Code that isn't working

The QR code engraved on Plants Map signs and tags is simply an image or picture that your smartphone can turn into a website address. Just like you might type into your browser to go to do a search at Googe, with a QR code, you would scan the code and it would interpret the image as being the web address for Google and your phone or mobile device opens your browser and takes you to that page.

We check every QR code before we ship our tags and signs to ensure our codes are working properly and we keep a digital proof of the tags to check them as well.

When someone contacts us that one of our QR codes appears to not be working, we have always been able to resolve that the issue was actually related to their device, an internet connection, the camera on the device or the QR reader they downloaded for their device.

One of the problems with scanning a QR code is that free apps that are available to read them vary greatly. There are a lot of old, really poorly built apps available in the app stores today. I just wanted to cut to the chase here and share what I do with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Android phone and maybe it will help you if you are having problems.

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I use the ‘Pro’ version of because I think it is much faster than the free version.

QR Code troubleshootingThe first thing I did after I downloaded the app was to go up to the top right and open the settings page. I made sure the box is not checked for “ask before opening” because I want to just go straight to the webpage. I also don’t check “make a sound” so it doesn’t beep every time I use it.

Most importantly, I make sure the box for using the in-app browser is NOT checked.

This last checkbox causes the web page to open in my default browser on my phone. This is important. If you have an app that isn’t working, most likely the app has its own browser and there is a problem with it remembering web pages you’ve scanned before and storing those in the cache.

I attached a screenshot of my settings screen. I would recommend getting an app, either the free one or the paid one from Scan.Me and adjusting your settings like the photo above and you should be all set.

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