Subscription tiers FAQ

We added Subscription Tiers launched in May 2019 as a way to offer premium features for our users. The paid subscription tiers include Plus, Premium and Resource plans.

Visitor access will remain free with no sign-in required.

The basic tier allows for a free individual or organization profile with limited use of the My Plants Map tools. Please visit the pricing page to compare plans.

What is the difference between profiles and subscription tiers?

There are only two types of profiles on Plants Map: individual and organization. Both are free at the basic tier level. There are three paid tiers with enhanced levels of features: Plus, Premium, and Resource. You must be an organization to have access to the resource tier. Learn more about individual profiles and organization profiles.

How do I upgrade to a paid subscription tier?

Upgrades are available within your individual or organization profile settings. Payments must be online via the payment tool using a credit card. Your access will begin once payment is processed. Learn more about how to manage payments.

What if I have more than one profile associated with my sign-in? 

Each profile will have its own subscription tier (basic, plus, premium or resource). For example, an individual profile can choose basic and separately elect for their organization profile to have a plus, premium, or resource subscription.

Each profile will have a tier option independently of the other profile. This allows an organization profile at a plus, premium or resource tier to continue to have multiple admins or network connections that may only be using basic (free) individual profiles.

Can I pay on a monthly basis?

We do not offer monthly billing. All plans are paid on an annual subscription basis. You can change your subscription choice at any time by editing your profile.

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