How to customize text on tags and signs

templates to customize tagsPlants Map interactive tags and signs link via a QR Code to a unique page for each of your plants.

Using your “My Tags” page in the “My Plants Map” section of your profile, you can customize the lines of text you want to appear on your interactive tags and signs and generate an order form for tags and signs.

There are 3 template choices available for tags and 3 template choices for signs. Additionally, on your “My Tags” page, you can specify if you want us to make your tags or signs with or without holes in them depending on how you plan on mounting these with your plants.

Our My Tags ordering system uses the pre-formatted templates to make the ordering process affordable and easy for everyone. Therefore we do not charge set-up fees when using the pre-formatted templates. Any changes to the formatting of these layouts or to replace the Plants Map logo with another logo requires a one-time customization fee of $500. We then save your custom template for future orders. Learn more: Can I make changes to the Plantsmap tag and sign templates.

Download a printable pdf tag and sign sample template

Default Tag Templates


TAG – T1 (with or without a punched hole)


TAG – T2 (with or without a punched hole)


TAG – T3  (with or without a punched hole)

Tag – Custom: We are adding a fourth option for tags with two lines of text and a larger QR Code. If you’d like this template, choose Tag and Custom on the order form and we will know what that means until we update our order form. There is no extra charge to use this template. As always, the only additional charge for a custom template is if you want to remove the Plants Map logo. Here is a photo.

Sign Templates

SIGN – S1  (with or without a punched hole)


SIGN – S2  (with or without a punched hole)


SIGN – S3  (with or without a punched hole)

If you prefer a custom template for your plant tags and signs, simply contact us and we can work with you on designing a template that will work for your landscape or organization.

NOTE: As of May 2019 the QR Codes engraved on the signs and tags will be black on a white background.

Watch our video: How to Order Plant Tags and Signs for a Collection

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