How do I find my organization plants?

When you Sign-In to Plants Map you are starting as the Individual profile that you created first.

In the screenshot example on this page, I am using Plants Map as the Individual profile Bill Blevins (My Profile).

Plants_Map___HomeTo act as the “Look Up Virginia” Organization profile I created I would click this drop-down menu and see a list.

When I click on “Look Up Virginia” in this list I am now ‘switched’ to acting as that Organization.  The top menu bar will now show the Organization cover photo and name.

After this switch, you are now using the site as your Organization.

The Organization can now:

  • Edit the Organization profile
  • Add Plants
  • Organize Plants into Collections and Subcollections
  • Like Plants
  • Follow other users
  • Connect with other Organizations

Additional Information:

Individual profiles act independently from the Organization profiles they create.

Many users only create Individual profiles for themselves and do not add an Organization profile.

All Organization profiles are created by an initial Individual Profile.

An ‘Owner’ is the Individual Profile that first creates the Organization Profile.

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