How to add plants to an individual or organization profile

When you first sign in to Plants Map the profile menu indicates that you are using Plants Map as My Profile, or your personal, individual profile.

This allows users to have 1 sign in with the ability to add multiple organizations and switch between profiles on Plants Map. 

You must have both types of profiles: an individual sign in ‘My Profile’ that begins an Organization Profile as the owner. All organization profiles require one individual owner. 

Adding plants to your individual My Profile – My Plants Map library

Profile Menu

  • When you initially sign in you are always acting as your personal, individual profile, My Profile as indicated by the profile menu. >>>
  • You will also see a top navigation link to your My Plants Map page.
  • You can add a plant from either the profile menu or the ‘Add New’ button on the page.
  • Adding plants will start a My Plants Map plant library under your individual profile, My Profile.

Switching Profiles: Adding Plants to an Organization Profile

My Profile Add Org

An organization profile does not exist without first creating a personal, individual My Profile sign in. You must have both types of profiles.

Adding An Organization: Choose Add Organization from the profile menu. Your My Profile sign in is now the owner of that organization profile. There is only 1 owner.

Adding Admins: Organizations can have additional admin profiles that have the same abilities as the owner profile to switch to acting as the organization profile to make edits, add plants, etc.

To be an admin for an organization you must also first create your own personal, individual My Profile sign in and then choose Connect on the organization’s profile. Do not follow the steps above or you will create a duplicate organization. Wait for the owner to approve your connection request to begin acting as the organization profile.

Profile Menu CosseySwitching Profiles: In order to switch to acting as an organization profile you created or you have connected with as an admin choose the organization from your profile menu. >>

You are now acting as the organization profile and using My Plants Map to

When an owner or an admin switches to acting as the organization from the profile menu, they also have the abilities to:

  • Post news as the organization
  • Edit the organization profile
  • Socially acting as the organization: following other profiles, liking plants & collections, connecting with other organizations, etc.

The important thing to remember isthe profile menu is the switchthat indicates which profile you want to act asto add plants to the appropriate My Plants Map profile. 

The cool thing about all of this is that one person can have their own personal collection of plants and organize them however they wish, but they can also assume the persona of an organization where they have permissions and use the site as if they were that organization.

So, imagine an individual gets a Plants Map profile for their own use and for two separate organizations. One organization may be for some place where they volunteer and the other organization may be for their business. With one sign in, they can switch between their own My Profile, the volunteer organization profile and their business profile and every action and My Plants Map library stays separated.

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